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The Secret Life of Mrs. London

The Secret Life of Mrs. London (2018)

The love triangle between Harry Houdini and Charmian and Jack London

by Rebecca Rosenberg

A riveting story of ambition and infidelity, The Secret Life of Mrs. London captures the fateful meeting of the Houdinis and Londons, the most remarkable couples of their time. Jack London, the most popular author in America, and Houdini, a world-renown escape artist, have reached the pinnacles of their careers in 1915. While their wives, Charmian London and Bess Houdini are opposites, they bond through their trials with the over-sized egos of their famous husbands. Free Love, blinding fame, tenuous success, and the Great War threaten them. The couples struggle to hold onto their marriages through the challenges, eventually succumbing to the lure of another’s arms … until one of them takes a stand … alone.

Release date: Jan. 30, 2018 PRE-ORDER NOW

Lavender Fields of America

Lavender Fields of America (2012)

A new crop of American farmers

by Rebecca Rosenberg and Gary Rosenberg

A stunning pictoral look at the modern, yet ancient, phenomenon of lavender and 300 enterprising American farmers who have taken up its call. Each farm is a thumbprint, germinating from each farmer's background, personal style, and point-of view. Yet, the farmers have all gravitated to the beneficial lavender plant, dedicating their lives to its cultivation, and to the production of lavender products. Hundreds of photographs of American lavender fields.

Hardcover with dust jacket. 11.5x9" 112 pages. Available on Amazon: ORDER NOW

Baby Doe Tabor

Baby Doe Tabor

Matchless (Fall 2018)

The story of Baby Doe and Horace Tabor

by Rebecca Rosenberg

Matchless is the remarkable story of Lizzie McCourt Doe from Oshkosh, Wisconsin and Horace Tabor, the mayor of Leadville, CO, a married man twice her age who strikes silver and becomes rich beyond his dreams. The couple falls deeply in love and Tabor divorces his wife, ruining his reputation and career. Shunned by society, Baby Doe and Horace are the richest couple in Colorado and they bet it all in a spellbinding game of fortune, politics and love.

For details and pre-order information, see MATCHLESS — THE NOVEL

Silver Dollar Tabor

Silver Dollar Tabor

Silver Dollar (coming 2018)

The sequel to Matchless

by Rebecca Rosenberg

Baby Doe Tabor is left a penniless widow when her husband dies in 1899, leaving her with two daughters to raise in Denver, Colorado. On his deathbed, he urges: “Hang onto the Matchless Mine”, the only possession left of their silver fortune. So she moves the family to Leadville, Colorado and starts working the silver mine, haunted with memories of her husband. The bank forecloses on the MATCHLESS and a mysterious investor takes over. Baby Doe can’t figure out why, since silver has been devalued and is worthless. Through furtive hunches and pure determination, Baby Doe encounters new love, devastating loss and discovers what her husband meant when he told her to “Hang onto the Matchless.”

Veuve Clicquot

Widows of Champagne Series (beginning 2018)

by Rebecca Rosenberg

Five French widows (from 1800 to 1950) work through heartbreak, the restraints of a male-dominated wine industry, economic disasters, bad harvests and wars to head their own Champagne wineries during times when it was unheard of for women to hold such positions. Through their intelligence, perseverance and creativity, they create wildly successful champagne wineries and an explosive world-wide champagne market.

Barbe-Nicole Clicquot 1800, book one
Louise Pommery 1860, book two
Mathilde Emelie Perrier-Laurent 1890, book three
Camile Roederer 1930, book four
Lily Bollinger 1940, book five